The octagonal structure housing the gym represents an innovative approach to workouts.

The gym was completed in 2009; it houses gym facilities on two floors with an open view of east Jerusalem and covering a total of 870 square meters. The well-appointed changing rooms are on a separate floor, and the basement houses the center for sports medicine.

The building was designed by architect Moshe Gil.

Members may enjoy the most beautiful sports center in Israel with over 100 top-quality Technogym workout stations, arranged around the two circular floors.

The first floor offers aerobics machines, each with a personal screen, and large screens at the center of the hall.

There are also flexibility and stretching area, kinesis machine, and a free workout area.

The fitness machines and free weight area are located on the second floor.

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Policies and Certificates

  • Please follow the instructor’s instructions
  • Access limited to persons who are at least 18 years old
  • To use the gym, members must complete a health statement or present a doctor’s certificate for exercising in a gym
  • Wear suitable sports clothing and sports shoes only
  • Keep your own dry towel on the workout surface while you are training
  • Aerobic workout stations are limited to 30 minute cycles

Coordinate your first session

Our team of professional trainers is available to instruct and guide members, as follows:

  1. Introductory session and training, for new members
  2. Training program revision, once a year for standing members

This service is included in your annual subscription at no additional charge. Meetings last 20 minutes and cover:

  • Introduction or update on present condition compared with previous session
  • Finding out your exercise goals at the gym
  • Training you to use the aerobics workout stations and another 8 muscle building stations (based on your individual needs).
  • Creating your personalized training program
  • Introduction to the gym rules and/or recommendations for varying your activity at the gym

Send an email to coordinate

Personal training

Want to get fit, feel good, maybe lose some weight but something is stopping you? Do you need someone to guide and support you?

Our personal trainers will be happy to help.


Purchasing a personal training package is a sure investment in improving physical condition and supporting a weight loss process.

You can choose to train under the supervision and with the support of one of the center’s qualified and experienced personal trainers.

Regular sessions with a fitness coach can make you so much fitter; members who have tried this will tell you about the improvement in capability, overall fitness, and well-being.


This service is only available to members of the Center.


Personal training includes individual coaching teaching you to correctly execute a healthy variety of exercises that will strengthen and shape every part of you.

Many dream of losing weight and keeping fit but most will not get there without being nudged along. A personal trainer can help keep you motivated on the road to achieving your fitness goal.

During personal training sessions, your trainer will support and guide you to get the most out of every routine.

Personal training is for everyone, youngsters getting ready for military service, students who want to use their limited time efficiently, soon-to-be-married couples, anyone looking to burn fat, and particularly those who want to shape and sculpt and build muscle.

Personal training session (members only)NIS 150
5-visit pass for personal training session (members only)NIS 725
10-visit pass for personal training session (members only)NIS 1400