The Lerner Sports Center on Mount Scopus offers members a high level of fitness and sports activities at the best location in the city!  The center is the most advanced in Israel and covers nearly 12 acres. The fitness complex in the Lerner Center was opened in 2002 and it represents an innovate concept in fitness at the center of which is an extremely functional and advanced eight sided structure.  More than 60 of the most advanced aerobic sports machines including treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent stationary bicycles, Wave machines, hand-operated bikes, and a Technogym rowing machine. In addition more than 20 Technogym muscle workout devices and a free weight space plate loaded devices manufactured by the Hammer Company.  The center offers a half size, indoor, heated Olympic pool that is located next to a large lawn that is well kept year round.  The center also has a new basketball court built to the most stringent standards ever in Israel, a studio for classes, tennis courts, futsal and basketball courts, lawns and other activity spaces. The center has a studio for movement classes and specialized sports (for additional payment) that offers a wealth of classes (more than 200 per month), the highest quality facilities available in Jerusalem along with top notch instructors.  Members can also enjoy Café Lerner, a quality dairy restaurant, a sports shop, a nutrition clinic, a sports medicine clinic, physiotherapy, tennis school and a swimming school. There is also a large parking lot for visitors.