The Association strives to improve recreational and physical services to the university community at the highest and most advanced level in Israel.
The Association constitutes a leading factor in the formation of physical activity culture and healthy lifestyle in Israel.

The Sports Association, in memory of Howard Cosell, is a leading sports organization with a reputation in Israel in the fields of physical education, recreation culture and health promotion.

It is named after Howard Cosell, who was a great sports broadcasting personality in the 1970s in the United States.

The Association operates as a nonprofit, and it was founded by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the purpose of operating and managing the sports facilities of the Hebrew University on its campuses.

The Association offers services in its field of activity for the university community, which includes students, staff, alumni, and their family members. However, the Association also offers services to the general public according to conditions and feasibility.

The Association develops and distributes the idea of amateur sports involvement in various branches of sports, and works towards expanding involvement in healthy, social and experiential sports for the advancement of health.

The Association is the representative sports body of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.