1. students

Hebrew University students are entitled to subscribe to a sports services package at the Edmond J. Safra campus in Givat Ram, at the Lerner Center on Mount Scopus, or at the Rehovot sports and recreation center. Memberships apply to the sports center for which they were purchased.

1.1 Subscription is subject to presenting certificates of paid tuition for the subscription year, and payment only at the customer service office.

Wellness services – Hebrew University bachelor and master’s students who have paid the wellness services fee and student association membership are entitled to subscribe to the swimming pool free of charge and to the gym at the same sports center for NIS 690 for the duration of the subscription.

1.3 Safra center subscriptions: Students who have purchased a subscription to the Safra center may use the gym, the swimming pool, and the athletics stadium. The subscription does not include use of the parking.

1.4 Safra center subscriptions: Students who have purchased a subscription to the Safra center may use the gym and the swimming pool.

1.5 Rehovot center subscriptions: Students who have purchased a subscription may use the swimming pool, the sauna, Jacuzzi, gym and tennis courts (without lighting).

1.6 Postgraduate students are entitled to student rates provided they have paid the wellness services and student association fees, as follows:

1.6.1. Postgraduate – a PhD student in the experimental track at the Authority for Research Students.

1.6.2 Postgraduate – PhD student in the theoretical track at the Authority for Research Students who is enrolled in a 40% program or more at the Hebrew University.

1.6.3 This arrangement is valid for the first three years of the degree program.

1.6.4 Postgraduate students in the categories listed above will be able to purchase the subscription as a combined subscription only, which includes: the swimming pools and gym for NIS 690.

1.6.5 Students who do not fall within the terms described above may purchase a subscription for NIS 1,440.

1.7 Monthly subscription is NIS 330.

1.8 Students who have purchased a wellness-services subscription at the Safra sports center or the Lerner center are entitled to special rates at the studio and at the tennis club, as advertised by the Center. Discounts cannot be combined.

1.9 Students who have completed their studies and their remaining obligations are exams or papers, must provide the customer service office with a certificate issued by their department confirming their obligations for their final year.

In this case, students are entitled to purchase a subscription at the rate offered to students from other institutions.

1.9 Summer course students may use the sports centers on Safra campus or Mount Scopus campus for a monthly subscription or for the duration of their course at the rate of 1/3 of the full price (the full price in 2019 is NIS 1,440).

1.10 Students who subscribe via the customer service office may pay by credit card in up to 4 installments.

1.11 Students who purchase a subscription to the Lerner center on Mount Scopus and the Safra center will be asked to go to the customer service office on their first visit to deposit a NIS 50 security and receive a biometric ID card.

1.12 Your subscription covers the academic year, and ends on September 30, every year.

1.13 Subscriptions cannot be cancelled or frozen.

1.14 The administration is entitled to revoke membership of students whose status at the university changed after subscribing to the center, or to request payment according to their current status at the university.

1.15 The annual subscription for students who have not paid wellness services and/or student association fees is NIS 1,600.

2. Hebrew University Employees

University employees are entitled to purchase a subscription on condition that they appear in the employee index issued by the Division of Human Resources or subject to presenting suitable documentation from the Office of Academic Affairs or the human resources manager at the medical school.

2.1 Regular university employees may arrange payment by withholding from their salary. Amounts will be deducted in 5 equal installments.

2.2 Members of the senior faculty association

2.2.1 Entitled to participate in the group purchase of annual subscriptions by arrangement with the association (retired faculty not included).

2.2.2 This arrangement is for a subscription to the center; upgrades are subject to rates at each center.

2.2.3 Subscriptions are annual, and cannot be frozen or extended.

2.3 Employees who pledge to pay by deduction from salary and/or compensation (in case of non-payment) are exempt from registration, handling, and overhead fees.

2.4 Guest lecturers may use the sports facilities for a monthly fee at a rate of 1/4 of the basic employee rate. Guest lecturers hosted in the Belgium Residence or Maiersdorf Faculty House may purchase single drop-in admissions to the swimming at the advertised rate.

2.5 Monthly subscription is NIS 420.

2.6 Admission to the sports facilities has been extended to include third generation (grandchildren) of all ages, as well spouses and children of employees, at the adult rate.

2.7 Employees of Hebrew University companies and not for profit associations, and board members of these organizations are entitled to purchase a subscription at employee rates with the additional registration fee of NIS 200. Please review the list of approved organizations advertised every year by the University Company and Association Unit.

2.8 The administration is entitled to revoke membership of employees whose status at the university changed after subscribing to the center, or to request payment according to their current status at the university.

3. University alumni

University alumni may subscribe on presenting a certificate of graduation from the University (when first subscribing) and are entitled to a reduced rate for alumni.

2.5 Monthly subscription is NIS 420.

4. General

4.1 IDF invalids

Entitled to a discount on sports facilities in the group they belong to, equivalent to their disability percentage and up to 10%. The discount is non-transferrable and is not available on subscriptions for less than a year or on reduced student subscriptions. Please enclose a copy of your invalid certificate with your registration form.

4.2 Guest admissions

Members of the sports center may purchase guest admissions to the swimming pool at their center. The guest must be accompanied by the host (entry subject to availability). During the summer guest admissions must be preordered and are limited to an established quota.

4.3 Children and family members

4.3.1 Family subscriptions of two parents and 3 children in the same category at the full rate Include any additional children free of charge, provided the children are under 18, or under 21 if they are serving in the IDF. Older children are not included in this offer.

4.3.2 Children under 3 years old are charged at a reduced rate (for swimming pool subscription).

4.3.3 Children of subscribers who during at least 4 months of the subscription period will be serving in the IDF (conscripted) or in National Service (girls) will be charged at the rate of children under 18. Please enclose an IDF certificate of service (Form 435/1) or certificate of National Service. Without the appropriate form, the full rate will be charged.

4.3.4 Children under 18 who subscribes without the person eligible for a special rate will be charged at the full rate for the eligible person.

4.3.5 Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent while in the swimming pool.

4.4 Domestic partners

University students, employees, or graduates who wish to purchase a subscription for their domestic partner must provide a statement of cohabitation signed by a lawyer and ID cards showing the address of their common residence.

4.5 Required documents

4.5.1 ID cards of all family members (containing children’s identification).

4.5.2 Valid student card (students).

4.5.3 Certificate of paid tuition.

4.5.4 Statement of health.

4.6 Receiving your membership card

Your subscription card will be prepared when you register but will be given after you have presented you statement of health, doctor’s certificate confirming your fitness to train in a gym in accordance with the Physical Fitness Establishments Law. You will be given a temporary admission card for one week with which you will be allowed to train provided you complete a single-visit workout statement. Proof of payment is not equivalent to an admission pass.

Subscription cards are not disposable; they are automatically renewed with your subscription renewal. Keep your card even if you do not renew your subscription regularly. Re-issue of a subscription card is charged at NIS 50.

4.7 Lost subscription cards

4.7.1 Please report lost cards (stolen or damaged. etc.) to the customer service office immediately.

4.7.2 Re-issue of a subscription card is charged at NIS 50. The card owner must be present in person and present an ID card.

4.8 Canceling a subscription

Subscriptions are annual and cancelation must comply with the law. (see handling cancelation requests on the last page)

4.9 Freezing a subscription

4.9.1 The Center has an exceptions committee which is authorized to discuss applications to freeze a subscription.

4.9.2 In case of illness (longer than two weeks), you may apply to the exceptions committee to freeze your subscription. Please deliver the typed application to the customer service office in person or by email or fax. Please include a signed medical specialist’s letter on official letterhead. The freeze (if approved) will be valid only after the subscription card is deposited at the customer service office.

4.9.3 Transferring a subscription: Your subscription may be transferred once only, with the approval of the sports center, and provided there are at least 3 months of use remaining. You may only transfer your subscription to another person who is entitled to the same rate. For example, a Tel Aviv University student can transfer her remaining subscription to another student in Tel Aviv University. The fee for transferring a subscription is NIS 250.

4.9.4 Travelling abroad: If you travel overseas for a period longer than 21 days, you may freeze you subscription for the duration of your absence.

4.9.5 You will be asked to provide proof of travel (ticket, passport stamps) and submit a typed application by email or fax to the customer service office.

4.10 Disciplinary rules of conduct

(apply at all Cosell facilities and services at Safra, Mount Scopus, and Rehovot campuses).

Persons who violate any of the regulations will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

Following a hearing, a member’s right to enter the center can be revoked by decision of the center’s director

An expelled member may appeal the director’s decision to the Association CEO. Appeals must be typed.

Notwithstanding, complaints about violations by a student or employee may be submitted to the University disciplinary committee.

4.11 Holidays

The sports centers are closed on the following dates: eve of Day of Atonement (Yom Kipur), Yom Kipur, IDF Memorial Day, Independence Day, and 9th of Av. Hours during the Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Passover (Pesach) vacations will be adjusted to the holidays. Updated information will be published on the bulletin boards and on the Cosell website 14 days before the holiday. The Rehovot sports center will be closed on Holocaust Memorial Day and open on Independence Day.

4.12 The administration of the Center reserves the right to close the center or part of its facilities for groups, special events, parties, or national and international sports events. No financial or other compensation will be offered.

4.13 The administration of the sports center reserves the right to close any facility for renovation with advance notice of up to 14 days without financial or other compensation.

4.14 Members undertake to behave respectfully and courteously at the sports center, in a manner that does not interfere, injure, insult or disturb others, and does not compromise the operation of the sports center.

5. Cancel a subscription: Procedure for cancelling a subscription to the sports center (compliant with the law)

This procedure applies to all types of subscriptions sold by the Cosell Association, including semi-annual subscriptions and competitive sports teams’ activities.

5.1 How to submit a cancellation request

By registered mail, email, fax, or delivered in person to the customer service office.

Please make sure your letter is dated correctly.

5.2 When will the cancellation be effective?

Your cancellation will be effective one month from the date of delivery.

5.3 Any refund will be calculated based on the number of Center business days.

5.4 How the charges are calculated

5.4.1 Full payment for the period from purchase of the subscription until the cancellation is effective, based on the annual rate the member received when purchasing the subscription (cost of annual subscription or semi-annual subscription divided by the number of months charged for).

5.4.2 Cancellation fee (added to the calculated amount in Section 3.1). The Association will charge the price of one month’s subscription: subscription price is calculated based on the price per month of the annual subscription (1/12 of an annual subscription) X the number of months to actual membership. Calculation for a period shorter than a month will be calculated using 1/30 of the calculated price per month.

Cancellation fee must not exceed the lower of the following amounts: During the first third of your membership period, cancellation fee will not exceed 25% of the value as listed in Section 29.3.1. This does not include payment for activity in the period prior to the approved cancellation date. During the second period of your membership, cancellation fee will not exceed 20 percent of the value, over the payment for activity up to the approved cancellation date. During the third and final period of your membership, cancellation fee will not exceed 17 percent of the value, over the payment for activity up to the approved cancellation date.

5.5 Competitive sports

The Association’s expenses for registering an athlete will be listed separately on the registration form. These expenses cover the following items: Registration with the sports association, insurance, medical examinations, and registration fee.