The soccer field at the Rehovot sports and recreation center is a lighted turf field, 45 m by 25 m with adjoining changing rooms.

In addition to routine maintenance by a gardening crew, the grass has been recently treated and is regularly inspected by a turf agronomist.

Benches and shaded rest areas are available to players.

Come and enjoy a well-lit real-turf soccer field, enveloped in attractive gardens and an inspiring sporting and recreational ambience.

(*) Members and guests may use the field (without lighting) at no additional cost, in accordance with the Center’s rules.

Reserve a soccer field


Members may reserve a court in advance. Reservations are limited to 60 minutes a day.

Policies and Certificates

  • Follow the instructions of the Center attendants.
  • Show your membership card at every visit
  • No eating, chewing, or smoking in the soccer filed compound.
  • Do not play on a wet court.