Registration policy and rules


1. Students

Hebrew University students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment in Rehovot are entitled to purchase a subscription under the wellness services arrangement, as follows:

Wellness services – Hebrew University bachelor and master’s students who have paid the wellness services fee and student association membership are entitled to subscribe to the swimming pool free of charge and to the gym at the same sports center for 690 NIS for the duration of the subscription.

1.1 Subscription is subject to presenting certificates of paid tuition for the subscription year, and payment only at the customer service office.

1.2 Students who have purchased a subscription to the Rehovot sports center may use the gym, the swimming pool, and the Jacuzzi. The basic subscription does not include use of the parking.

1.3 Students who have completed their studies and their remaining obligations are exams or papers, must provide the customer service office with a certificate issued by their department confirming their obligations for their final year. In this case, students are entitled to purchase a subscription at the rate offered to students from other institutions.

1.4 Summer course students may use the sports centers on rehovot campus or Mount Scopus campus for a monthly subscription or for the duration of their course at the rate of 1/3 of the full price (the full price in 2019 is NIS 1,440).

1.5 Postgraduate students are entitled to student rates, as follows:

1.5.1. Postgraduate – a PhD student in the experimental track at the Authority for Research Students.

1.5.2 Postgraduate – PhD student in the theoretical track at the Authority for Research Students who is enrolled in a 40% program or more at the Hebrew University.

1.5.3 This arrangement is valid for the first three years of the degree program.

1.5.4 Postgraduate students in the categories listed above will be able to purchase the subscription as a combined subscription only, which includes the swimming pool and gym for NIS 690.

1.6 Students who subscribe via the customer service office may pay by credit card in 4 installments.

1.7 Students who purchase a subscription to the sports center will be requested to go to the customer service office on their first visit to deposit a NIS 50 security and receive a biometric ID card.

1.8 Your subscription covers the academic year, and ends on September 30, every year.

1.9 Subscriptions cannot be frozen.

1.10 Monthly subscription is NIS 330.

1.11 The administration is entitled to revoke membership of students whose status at the university changed after subscribing to the center, or to request payment according to their current status at the university.


2. Hebrew University Employees

University employees are entitled to purchase a subscription on condition that they appear in the employee index issued by the Division of Human Resources or subject to presenting suitable documentation from the Office of Academic Affairs or the human resources manager at the medical school.


2.1 Regular university employees may arrange payment by withholding from their salary. Amounts will be deducted in 5 equal installments.

2.2 Members of the senior faculty association

2.2.1 Entitled to participate in the group purchase of annual subscriptions by arrangement with the association (retired faculty not included).

2.2.2 This arrangement is for a subscription to the center; upgrades are subject to the established rates at each center.

2.2.3 Subscriptions are annual, and cannot be frozen or extended.

2.3 Employees who pledge to pay by deduction from salary and/or compensation (in case of non-payment) are exempt from registration, handling, and overhead fees.

2.4 Instructors or guest lecturers may use the sports facilities for a monthly fee at a rate of 1/4 of the basic employee rate. Guest lecturers hosted in the Reisfeld Residence may purchase single drop-in admissions to the swimming pool at the advertised rate for guests.

2.5 Monthly subscription is NIS 420.

2.6 Admission to the sports facilities has been extended to include third generation (grandchildren) of all ages, and spouses and children of employees, at the adult rate.

2.7 Employees of Hebrew University companies and not for profit associations, and board members of these organizations are entitled to purchase a subscription at employee rates with the additional registration fee of NIS 200. Please review the list of approved organizations advertised every year by the University Company and Association Unit.

2.8 The administration is entitled to revoke membership of employees whose status at the university changed after subscribing to the center, or to request payment according to their current status at the university


3. University alumni

University alumni may subscribe on presenting a certificate of graduation from the University (when first subscribing) and are entitled to a reduced rate.

Monthly subscription is NIS 420 (in July and August NIS 600 a month).



4. General

4.1 IDF invalids

Entitled to a discount on sports facilities in the group they belong to, equivalent to their disability percentage and up to 10%. The discount is non-transferrable and is not available on subscriptions of less than a year or on reduced student subscriptions. Please enclose a copy of your invalid certificate with your registration form.

4.2 Guest admissions

Members of the sports center may purchase guest admissions to the swimming pool at their center. The guest must be accompanied by the host (entry subject to availability). During the summer, guest admissions must be preordered and are limited to an established quota.

4.3 Children and family members

4.3.1 Children under 21 and members of the military under 21, who subscribe without the person eligible for a special rate will be charged at the full rate for the eligible person.

4.3.2 Family subscriptions of two parents and 3 children in the same category at the full rate include any additional children free of charge, provided the children are under 18, or under 21 if they are serving in the IDF. Older children are not included in this offer.

4.3.3 Children under 3 years old are charged at a reduced rate (for swimming pool subscription).

4.3.4 Children of subscribers who during at least 6 months of the subscription period will be serving in the IDF (conscripted) or in National Service (girls) will be charged at the rate of children under 18. Please enclose an IDF certificate of service (Form 435/1) or certificate of National Service. Without the appropriate form, the full rate will be charged.

4.3.5 Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent while in the swimming pool.

4.4 Domestic partners

University students, employees, or alumni who wish to purchase a subscription for their domestic partner must provide a statement of cohabitation signed by a lawyer and ID cards showing the address of their common residence. (full text of the statement is available at the customer service office).

4.5 Required documents

4.5.1 ID cards of all family members (containing children’s identification).

4.5.2 Valid student card (students).

4.5.3 Certificate of paid tuition.

4.5.4 Statement of health, if registering for the gym.

4.6 Receiving your membership card

Your subscription card will be prepared when you register but will be given after you have presented you statement of health, doctor’s certificate confirming your fitness to train in a gym in accordance with the Physical Fitness Establishments Law. You will be given a temporary admission card for one week with which you will be allowed to train provided you complete a single-workout statement. Proof of payment is not equivalent to an admission pass.

Subscription cards are not disposable; they are automatically renewed with your subscription renewal. Keep your card even if you do not renew your subscription regularly. Re-issue of a subscription card is charged at NIS 50.

4.7 Lost subscription cards

4.7.1 Please report lost cards (stolen or damaged. etc.) to the customer service office.

4.7.2 Re-issue of a subscription card is charged at NIS 50. The card owner must be present in person and present an ID card. Hebrew University students rate is NIS 30.

4.8 Canceling a subscription

Subscriptions are annual and cancelation must comply with the law. (see handling cancelation requests on the last page)

4.9 Freezing a subscription

4.9.1 The Center has an exceptions committee which is authorized to discuss applications to freeze a subscription.

4.9.2 In case of illness (longer than two weeks), you may apply to the exceptions committee to freeze your subscription. Please deliver the typed application to the customer service office in person or by email or fax. Please include a signed medical specialist’s letter on official letterhead. The freeze (if approved) will be valid only after the subscription card is deposited in the customer service office.

4.9.3 Transferring a subscription – Your subscription may be transferred once only, with the approval of the sports center, and provided there are at least 3 months of use remaining. You may only transfer your subscription to another person who is entitled to the same rate. The fee for transferring a subscription is NIS 120.

4.9.4 Travelling abroad – If you travel overseas for a period longer than 21 days, you may freeze you subscription for the duration of your absence.

4.9.5 You will be asked to provide proof of travel (ticket, passport stamps) and submit a typed application by email or fax to the customer service office.

4.10 Disciplinary rules of conduct (for all Cosell facilities and services at Safra, Mount Scopus, and Rehovot).


Persons who break any of the regulations will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

Following a hearing, a member’s right to enter the center can be revoked by decision of the center’s director

An expelled member may appeal the director’s decision to the Association CEO. Appeals must be typed.

Notwithstanding, complaints about breach of regulations by a student or employee may be submitted to the University disciplinary committee.

4.11 Holidays

The sports centers are closed on the following dates: eve of Day of Atonement (Yom Kipur), Yom Kipur, IDF Memorial Day, Independence Day, and 9th of Av. Hours during the Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Passover (Pesach) vacations will be adjusted to the holidays. Updated information will be published on the bulletin boards and on the Cosell website 14 days before the holiday. The Rehovot sports center will be closed on Holocaust Memorial Day and open on Independence Day.

4.12 Sports center closed

The sports center will be closed on the following days: eve of Day of Atonement (Yom Kipur), Yom Kipur, Holocaust Memorial Day, IDF Memorial Day, Independence Day, and 9th of Av.

4.13 Customer service office

4.13.1 Located at the entrance to the center. At the office you may receive information, explanations, and advice about the services offered. Givat Ram and Mount Campus sports center subscriptions are completely separate; purchasing a subscription to one center does not entitle the subscriber to use of the facilities at another sports center.

4.13.2 Open hours

         Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm

         Monday-Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm

         Friday 9:00am-1:00pm*

        *May 1 until August 30.

4.14 Parking

4.14.1 Parking rules:

Do not park in the disabled parking.

Please park in the marked places only.

Please park motorbikes in the designated facility. They are not allowed through the Center’s gate.

Please park bicycles in the designated facility. Do not bring bicycles in the gate or lock bicycles to the Center’s fences.

14.2 Do not climb over the fences when the parking gate is closed.

4.14.3 No animals are allowed on the sports center premises.

4.14.4 Parking permit: will be given to members (student subscription not included) at the customer service office when they purchase their subscription.  

4.15 General rules of conduct

4.15.1 Smoking is prohibited on all Center premises, including the lawns.

4.15.2 No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.

4.15.3 Do not bring picnic hampers with food or snacks.

4.15.4 Card games and gambling are prohibited on the premises.

6.4 You may use your mobile phone only in the open spaces.

4.16 Entrance to the center: Information

4.16.1 You must have a valid subscription card* or chip or a temporary entrance pass issued by the customer service office with an ID card or passport.

*Only cards in their original form are considered valid.

4.16.2 All members must present their subscription card and ID card or passport at every visit.

4.16.3 If you have lost personal items at the Center please ask the technician at the Center during work hours. Lost items will be stored for 14 days and then moved to the back storeroom. After two months, items are donated to a children’s home.

4.16.5 Please follow changes in center opening hours. These will be posted on the bulletin board at the entrance to the center and/or on the Cosell website.

4.16.6 Theft: You are cautioned against leaving gear, valuables, and clothing unattended in the changing rooms. Personal lockers are available. Please report theft to the security officer. The sports center and the Hebrew University are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

4.16.7 Please be ready to present or give your subscription card to Center attendants for inquiries on request.

4.16.8 The administration is entitled, at its discretion, to revoke membership of students or employees whose status at the university changed after subscribing to the center, or to request payment according to their current status at the university, up to the rate for a University graduate.

4.16.9 Check-in desk telephone number: 08-9489378.

4.16.10 The Center changing rooms close 15 minutes after the official closing time. Please vacate the changing rooms by this time.

4.16.11 The Center is not responsible for any loss or damage to property of members.

4.16.12 The administration is entitled to change activity hours and separate swimming hours (if any) with advance notice of two weeks at least.

4.16.13 Skating and riding devices: No skating/rolling devices are allowed on the premises, including: rollerblades, skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, and scooters.

4.16.14 Bulletin board: Do not use the bulletin board for private notices of any kind without approval of the administration.

4.16.15 Personal locker: You may rent a changing room locker for the duration of your subscription. If you do not wish to continue renting the locker, please empty it and return the key to the customer service office up to two weeks from the end of your subscription. After two weeks, the lock will be changed and your deposit will not be refunded. The administration is not responsible for personal items not collected by the member.



5. Swimming pool

5.1 Free swimming: The pool has swimming lanes installed for swimming laps along the short edge of the pool (25m). Swimming progresses to the right. Bathers who are not swimming laps are prohibited from using these lanes when the separator is up.

5.2 Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent while in the swimming pool. To enter the large pool, children must be at least 5 years old and supervised by an adult.

5.3 Rules

5.3.1 Safety rules

Obey the instructions of the lifeguards and swimming pool staff. The staff may impose additional instructions as needed.

Make sure the water is deep enough before you jump in. Do not dive in head first.

Make sure you can swim. Stay in the shallows if you are learning to swim or are a beginner. Do not move into the deep water, or swim or jump before you are sure you able to swim well enough.

Be courteous and considerate while in the swimming pool.

Do not enter the pool if there is no lifeguard.

Running and games on the decks around the pool are prohibited.

Swimming instruction is allowed only by administration-approved instructors. The Center offers swimming classes through the Swim2 swimming school. For information, registration, and payment call 054 7880545.

No ball games or other games are allowed in the water.

No diving or floating gear (diving masks, fins, inflatable dinghies, surf boards, etc.) may be brought in to the swimming pool area unless approved by the lifeguard.

Ball games (bat games and others) on the lawn are prohibited.

5.3.2 Hygiene

Use the restrooms before you enter the pool.

You must shower before entering the pool and the toddler pool. Please use the showers on the swimming pool grounds.

Do not spit in the pool or in its surroundings.

Avoid swimming in the pool when you feel weak, have a cold, ear infection, skin disease or some other illness.

Do not enter the pool if you are wearing any type of bandaging.

According to Ministry of Health regulations, persons with long hair (men and women) must wear a swim cap while bathing.

Do not walk on the swimming pool decks in your street shoes.

Keep the pool area, patio, and yard clean.

Children under 3 years old must wear a swimming diaper.

No eating and drinking on the swimming pool premises.

5.3.3 Precautions

Beginners are advised to start the swimming season or restart swimming after a long break with up to 7-10 minutes of swimming. Gradually extend the amount of time you stay in the water.

Do not enter the pool on a full stomach. Wait at least one hour after a full meal.

If you get a cramp, move immediately to the edge of the pool and get help from the lifeguard.

5.3.4 Miscellaneous

Bathers are requested to conserve water when showering.

Bathers are requested to avoid damaging the pool facilities through displacing or incorrect use of the facilities.

Avoid personal care activities (e.g. clipping nails, pedicure) in the changing rooms

Do not place your shoes on the benches.

5.3.5 Blow dryers are for drying hair only. Do not use the blow dryers to dry swimwear, towels, etc.



6. Water slides: Rules of conduct at the water slide

6.1 Riders use the slide at their own risk.

6.2 Follow the instructions of the lifeguards and attendants.

6.3 Do not slide in groups, standing up, or on your belly.

6.4 Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Children who can’t swim must use arm floats.

6.5 Do not ride the slide with glasses, watch, or other objects.

6.6 Riders with long hair must wear a swim cap

6.7 Do not run around the slide area; you may slip.

6.8 Leave the plunge area immediately after landing.

23. מגלשת מים – להלן כללי השימוש והתנהגות במגלשת המים:

23.1 השימוש במגלשה באחריות הגולש בלבד.

23.2 יש להישמע להוראות המצילים וצוות העובדים.

23.3 הגלישה אסורה בקבוצות, בעמידה ובשכיבה על הבטן.

23.4 הגלישה לילדים עד גיל 6 בליווי מבוגר בלבד.

23.5 הגלישה אסורה עם משקפיים, שעון או כל חפץ אחר.

23.6 הגלישה לבעלי שיער ארוך מחייבת שימוש בכובע רחצה.

23.7 הריצה בשטח המגלשה אסור, עקב סכנת החלקה.

23.8 בסיום הגלישה יש לעזוב מיד את בריכת הנחיתה.

23.9 מרכז הנופש אינו אחראי לאבדן חפצים אישיים.


7. Sauna

7.1 Adults over 18 only are allowed in the sauna.

7.2 You are advised to consult a doctor before using the sauna. Using the sauna without consulting a doctor endangers your health and is at your own risk.

7.3 People with heart and blood pressure problems should not use the sauna.

7.4 Recommended stay is up to 10 minutes.

7.5 Drink fluids before and after using the sauna.

7.6 Use a large towel to sit or lie down in the sauna.

7.7 Do not pour water on the stones; this may cause an electric short and is life endangering.

7.8 Keep the sauna clean.

7.9 Shower before entering the sauna.

7.10 Do not bring food and beverages into the sauna.

7.11 Avoid using the sauna immediately after exercising.


8. ג’קוזי – Hot and cold tubs

8.1 The Jacuzzi is for adults over 18 only.

8.2 Shower before entering the tub.

8.3 Enter the tub via the steps only.

8.4 Entering the tub with an open wound, skin disease, or any other infectious condition is strictly forbidden.

8.5 Recommended stay is up to 10 minutes.

8.6 Bathers with long hair must wear a swim cap.

8.7 Follow the instructions of the lifeguards and attendants.



9. Gym

Our trainers are available to instruct and guide members.

9.1 Gym hours

Sunday 12:00pm-9:50pm

Sun.-Thu. 6:00am-9:50pm

Friday 7:00am-5:00pm

Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm

*Changes in opening hours will be advertised on the website and bulletin boards.

9.2 Members are requested to comply with the following rules when using the gym:

9.2.1 Please follow the instructor’s instructions.

9.2.2 When entering, wait for an instructor at the reception desk. New patrons must present their subscription card or single-visit training statement to have an introductory class with the instructor.

9.2.3 Please wear clean sports shoes (no mud or dust).

9.2.4 Age limit is 18 years, children under 18 years old are not allowed in the gym (teens who have a recreation-center subscription must pay an extra fee to expand their subscription to include the gym).

9.2.5 No chewing gum allowed.

9.2.6 Please fill in a statement of health (in accordance with the Physical Fitness Establishments Law).

9.2.7 Patrons over 50 years old are advised to have an annual medical fitness test.

9.2.8 Members whose state of health has changed during their membership period, are required to provide the Center with a detailed doctor’s certificate so that the Center can evaluate their continued activity at the gym.

9.2.9 Always bring a large towel and place it on the equipment before you work out.

9.2.10 Activity on the aerobic machines (treadmill, elliptical, vario, AMT, and bike) is limited to 30 minutes per machine.

9.2.11 No food and no drinking cups allowed (you may use a personal drinking bottle).

9.2.12 Do not use your mobile phone at the gym.

9.2.13 Free weights When training with weights, please keep a safe distance from others. When training with barbells, make sure the clamps are secure. You are responsible for returning the weights to their place when you are done. Do not remove dumbbells, plates, or other fittings from the free weights area.

9.14 Air-conditioning: The temperature is preset to 20 degrees centigrade.

9.15 TV and music

9.15.1 Personal audio or video devices are installed in the hall and on some of the aerobics machines.

9.15.2 The PA system will be operated as appropriate to the place and as decided by the administration.

9.15.3 The administration is entitled to change the screened programs and channels from time to time.

9.16 Instruction

The gym offers a variety of top-quality equipment. Our gym instructors are among the best available professionals. Please work with us to create a pleasant sporting environment that allows everyone to benefit from use of the gym.

Our team of professional trainers is available to instruct and guide you, as follows:

9.16.1 Using the machines: Build a personalized training program based on your needs and goals. Your program will be monitored by the gym instructor and you will also coordinate a meeting to review your program with the instructor. This service is included in your annual subscription at no additional charge.

11.5.2 Personal training: Members may make use of personal trainer services (for an additional fee). Information and registration at the customer service office.

9.17 What do I do with my bags and personal items?

There are large closets outside for bags. Avoid leaving your personal belongings in other places around the gym. You are responsible for your own equipment; the Center is not liable for your items.



10. Outdoor courts

To use the courts for unstructured activity, please call 08-9489850 in advance to reserve a court.

10.1 Your sports center subscription includes use of the tennis courts.

10.2 Tennis club members must present their subscription card before each entry. Drop-in admissions must present a receipt before entering and keep their receipt until they leave the Center.

10.3 Required attire at the tennis court is tennis shoes, shorts, and a tennis shirt.

10.4 You may reserve a court at least 3 days in advance at the customer service office during office hours (Sun.-Thu.) in person or by phone at 08-9489777.

10.5 When reserving a court you may register yourself and your partner for a 60-minute time slot on one court for the given day (you may not register yourself or other players for an additional time slot that day). If you play longer than one hour on one day you will be charged for the additional time.

10.6 The courts’ schedule will be posted on the bulletin board every Sunday, and copies will be available at the customer service office and at the front desk. Once you have reserved a court, you must check which court you are assigned and only play in that court.

10.7 Please state the full name of both players on the reservation form and list the membership number and mobile phone number of each.

10.8 Singles games follow these rules:

10.8.1 Regardless of whether the court was reserved or not, players of a singles game must vacate the court at the end of the 60 minute slot, according to the times listed on the reservation form. If no one is waiting to use the court, they may continue playing.

10.8.2 If you start your match late, the time will be deducted from your 60 minute time slot, and if other players are waiting for the court you must vacate the court at the end of the scheduled 60 minute slot.

10.8.3 The practice of one player reserving a court for a 60-minute slot and the second player reserving the next slot to ensure 120 minutes continuous play for the two players, is prohibited.

10.8.4 Players who make a reservation and are more than 10 minutes late, lose their reservation and the court counts as vacant.

10.9 Doubles games follow the rules for singles games.

10.10 The Center may reserve the facilities for Center sports events and classes. These events will be displayed on the reservation form. However, the sports center administration is authorized to close the facility and request players to vacate the facility at its discretion, even without advertising this in advance. Players must follow the instructions of the Center attendants in this matter.

10.11 If you have reserved a court and are unable to come, please inform the customer service office and cancel your reservation least 24 hours before your time slot begins so that others may utilize that slot.

10.12 The tennis courts are available to members with a valid subscription or to drop-in admissions who present a receipt to the sports center attendants.

10.13 Do not play on a wet court as this damages the court surface. Please ask the supervisor at the court for the device for spreading puddles. In any event, you may only use the court when it is completely dry.

10.14 No eating, chewing, or smoking in the tennis courts area. Do not bring any drinks in cans and/or glass bottles into the tennis courts area. In the tennis courts area, you may only drink water in plastic bottles.

10.15 Only the players of the match are allowed on the court. Family members, including children, must remain outside the tennis court fence.

10.16 Only Center-approved tennis instructors are allowed to teach tennis, subject to advance reservation and payment.

10.17 Keep the tennis courts and the surrounding grounds clean. Do not litter the grounds; please use the trash cans.

10.18 Do not disturb matches in the adjacent courts. Do not raise your voice on the Center grounds.

10.19 Do not throw rackets or hurl them at the court surface.

10.20 Follow the instructions of the Center attendants. The staff may impose additional instructions as needed. You are required to fully comply with all the instructions listed in this document and those given by the attendants. If you wish to contest any additional instruction imposed by staff and not listed here, please see the director of the Center. However, as long as the instructions stand, you must comply with them. Members may reserve a court up to 3 times a week.

10.21 Tennis court hours

Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

Monday-Thursday 6:00am-9:00pm

Friday 7:00am-5:00pm

Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm

10.25 When the entrance through the parking gate is closed, the tennis courts are also closed to visitors.

10.26 There is a lighting surcharge for playing during the dark hours.


11. Studio

The studio offers a broad range of classes for younger and older girls, women, and men. Studio activities are managed by a private operator. The program will be revised from time to time and the changes will be advertised on the website and bulletin boards.

Information and registration at: 050-2888103 (Ms. Sharon Gerson).



Cancel a subscription

12. Cancel a subscription to the sports center

(compliant with the Consumer Protection Law effective September 2014)

The following rules apply to all types of subscriptions sold by the Cosell Association, including semi-annual subscriptions and competitive sports teams’ activities.

12.1 How to submit a cancellation request

By registered mail, email, fax, or delivered in person to the customer service office.

Please make sure your letter is dated correctly.

12.2 When will the cancellation be effective?

Your cancellation will be effective one month from the date of delivery. The calculation will be based on the number of Center business days.

12.3 How the charges are calculated

12.3.1 Full payment for the period from purchase of the subscription until the cancellation comes into force, based on the annual rate the member received when purchasing the subscription (cost of annual subscription or semi-annual subscription divided by the number of months charged for).

12.3.2 Cancellation fee (added to the amount calculated in Section 3.1). The Association will charge the price of one month’s subscription: subscription price is calculated based on the price per month of the annual subscription (1/12 of an annual subscription) X the number of months of actual membership. Calculation for a period shorter than one month will be calculated using a rate of 1/30 of the calculated price per month.

Cancellation fee must not exceed the lower of the following amounts: During the first third of your membership period, cancellation fee will not exceed 25% of the value as listed in Section 29.3.1. This does not include payment for activity in the period prior to the approved cancellation date. During the second period of your membership, cancellation fee will not exceed 20 percent of the value, over the payment for activity up to the approved cancellation date. During the third and final period of your membership, cancellation fee will not exceed 17 percent of the value, over the payment for activity up to the approved cancellation date.

12.4 Competitive sports

The Association’s expenses for registering an athlete will be listed separately on the registration form. These expenses cover the following items: Registration with the sports association, insurance, medical examinations, and registration fee.

12.5 How to cancel a subscription

12.5.1 As is standard for refunds, cancellations are made through the director of the center after an examination and with the approval of the Association comptroller.

12.5.2 Refunds are made within 30 days, using the same method of payment as was used to purchase the subscription.

12.5.3 The customer service office will notify you in writing about the amount you will be refunded.


Legal definitions:

Monthly rate in an alternative track: the monthly price for the same services provided to the customer in a transaction for a limited period, if the agreement were made for an unlimited period, as offered to the customer in writing before the agreement.

Monthly rate of the transaction: the price that the customer must pay for the right to use the gym during the limited period, depending on the transaction, divided by the number of months in which the customer has the described right of use.

Consideration: Any payment associated with the transaction with the gym that the customer is required to pay the business, including a registration fee.